The Time Will Come

January is always an interesting month. Christmas’s over and it’s back to every day life. The house always feels so empty when the tree and all the decorations are gone. That being said, a new year can feel like a fresh start. This year I’ve got a few goals that i’m working on. In 2022 […]

Black Maps

As it gets closer to spring, i’m phasing out my winter pieces in favour of lighter options. By lighter I mean in terms of weight rather than colour. This look is clearly not abundant in that… And honestly, I just can’t wait to start wearing skirts and dresses again! I usually don’t wear them as […]

In The Dark

The weather in Alberta is notorious for being unpredictable so you need to be ready for anything. For this reason, I have a wide variety of jackets and coats that are suitable for all the different temperatures, as well as my mood, which changes just as frequently. This outfit features one of my favourite coats […]