Diamond Mosaic

I often find that February is one of the hardest months of the year to shop for new clothes. It’s the time when all the stores and clothing lines are coming out with the latest in spring fashion. It’s gets me excited for spring, but it also feels a little premature, when here in Calgary there is still a few feet of snow on the ground! Regardless, I keep up the search for new items that I can transition from winter to spring! This particular outfit is a great example of that. It’s a combination of some old and new favourites, that are also items that I wear all year round! These boots by Thursday Boot Co, are a favourite new addition to my wardrobe. I love the style and the colour is perfect! As for the rest of the look, I chose these new Just Black skinny jeans, and a white tee, to keep things simple.

Outfit Details: Scarf: Wilfred / Necklace: C/O Jewelry by Amanda / Boots: C/O Thursday Boot Co / Jeans: Just Black 


An Occasional Dream

I’ve been hearing a lot about positive self talk lately, and I think that it’s a great thing! It got me thinking about areas in my life that I need to improve on. If i’m being honest, i’m quite a perfectionist, and it causes a lot stress in my life. I can be really hard on my self, and get really upset when things don’t turn out the way that I hoped they would. Lately i’ve been trying to deal with this by asking myself a few questions. Would I talk to a friend the way i’m talking to myself? Can I learn from this mistake, and make a change next time? I’ve learned that if you can be gentle with yourself, and learn from your mistakes, then you’ll be better off in the end.

Outfit Details: Dress: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: C/O  Shesso / Boots: C/O Thursday Boot Co

How Soon Is Now?

I’d like to think that at this point in my life i’ve got a solid grasp on what my style is. When I’m shopping, I can easily pick out items that I like, and assess how well they fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. I also consider wearability, and I try not buy things that are too similar to what I already own. To me this ability is a triumph. I’ve had issues in the past with spending way too much money on shoes and clothes. I had the mindset that I needed to shop constantly, to keep my blog fresh. I’ve learned that this is not necessary, and I’ve cut back my spending a lot in the last year. I personally don’t think my blog has suffered at all, and I think that i’ve built a wardrobe that is filled with items that I love, and that I want to wear. At this point I can’t think of anything in my closet that I regret buying.

This look is a few of my old, and new favourites. This Free People dress is one of my go to items! I’ve worn it on many occasions in the past year, so I have definitely gotten my money’s worth with this one! These boots are new addition to my wardrobe, courtesy of Thursday Boot Co. They are such a classic style, and I can’t wait to pair them with lots of other looks this year!

Outfit Details: Dress: Free People / Boots: C/O Thursday Boot Co / Necklace: C/O Shesso 

Getting In Tune

I’ve recently added a few new items to my wardrobe that are quickly becoming staples. One of those in particular is this faux sherpa jacket, it’s already a favourite of mine! I’m a big fan of sherpa jackets, and I own a few different variations. Most of my jackets are bomber length, so it was nice to find something a little longer! Another new addition to my wardrobe are these boots by Thursday Boot Co. I love the style, and colour, and they pair really well with a lot of my outfits! As for the rest of this look, it contains a few old favourites of mine, including these jeans by Mother denim, and this Indiana Jones hat!

Outfit Details: Jacket: Avec Les Filles / Jeans: Mother / Tee: Junkfood / Boots: C/O Thursday Boot Co.


It’s no secret that I love hats! They add so much character to an outfit, that it’s hard to find an accessory that compares. I’ve been wanting this type of hat for a while now, so I finally decided to get one. Brixton is easily one of my favourite hat companies. I like that they make their hats in different sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits perfectly! I find that when it comes to hats, one size fits all styles rarely works for me. As for the rest of the look, i’ve paired a few of my old and new favourites. This Jimmi Hendrix shirt is a great addition to my band tee collection, and these Just Black jeans are an old favourite.

Outfit Details: Hat: Brixton / Top: Below the Belt / Jeans: Just Black / Necklace: C/O Jewelry by Amanda 




I always try to dress appropriately for the weather, and that can be a bit of a struggle in the winter. I don’t like to be confined to only wearing sweaters and waterproof boots. Luckily the weather in Calgary fluctuates quite drastically during the winter months. I suppose it’s not so lucky for people suffering from migraines, but it’s nice to get a break from the extreme cold once in a while. I like to wear dresses all year round and this dress by Free People is practically made to be worn in the winter! It’s basically a long sweater in the shape of a dress. It’s really warm and cozy, and I love it’s retro vibes! To accessorize this look I added one of my favourite Shesso necklaces, and a hat.

Outfit Details: Dress: Free People / Necklace: C/O Shesso / Boots: Steve Madden / Hat: Dorfman