Deep Cuts

It’s only February, so my wool hats and coats are getting a lot of wear at the moment. This long plaid coat from H&M is one of my current favorites, and it’s perfect for days when the weather is more mild. These cropped wide leg jeans are a new additon to my wardrobe, and I’m […]

Take Me Home

Spring in Calgary sometimes means a lot of snow, and unseasonably cold temperatures. You never really know what the weather is going to be like, so it’s safe to stick to jeans and whatever footwear seems the most practical that day. This particular outfit is a current favourite of mine, I was aiming for a […]

From The Fires

Fall is always the best time of year for fashion. There’re so many options when it comes to adding layers, and you’re not confined to functionality the way you are in winter. I always love to play around with patterns and textures, and this look is no exception. I found this paisley dress by Tommy […]