Brightest Blue

While I love to be cozy at home in flannels and sweaters, I also love to get dressed up every now and then. Sometimes I only get dressed up for the sake of it, but it still feels nice. This year the annual Secret Santa party with my friends is going to be over Zoom. […]

The Dragon

This is one of my absolute favourite outfits right now, mainly because I love this mesh top so much! I also find that the colours in the top perfectly match the skirt, making it a great combination! Fall is my favourite time of year for fashion, and right now i’m adding as much dark, and […]


For the second portion of our trip to Japan, my friends and I flew to Osaka. It was easily one of my favourite places that we went. The first few photos were taken in Dontonbori, an area known for it’s flashy signs, and abundance of restaurants and food vendors. It was one of the highlights […]