Diamond Mosaic

I often find that February is one of the hardest months of the year to shop for new clothes. It’s the time when all the stores and clothing lines are coming out with the latest in spring fashion. It’s gets me excited for spring, but it also feels a little premature, when here in Calgary […]

Way Back

I don’t know about everyone else, but when it comes to fall fashion, I have a hard time not spending all of my money! I mean, I seriously want to buy everything! I think I need to start a savings fund that is dedicated to fall fashion, that I only use in September and October. […]

Starry Eyed

I’ve been on the hunt for new dresses to add to my wardrobe lately. It hasn’t been very easy, but I think that’s because i’m really picky. I don’t think that it’s a bad thing though. I’m trying to make the best possible choices when it comes to clothing purchases. I’m only buying items I […]