Here comes the sun

It’s not officially spring yet but It’s actually starting to feel like it is! The sunshine and the warmth in the air just gives me an overall feeling of well being and contentment. It’s so nice to just get outside and soak up some sunshine while you can. For this look i’m wearing a pale pink dress by Naked Zebra. Sometimes I have to be careful with this colour, if it’s too close to my skin tone it can wash me out a little. I find that as long as my makeup is right that doesn’t happen. I thought this dress was perfect to wear with my new quartz necklace by Shesso. It’s so lovely and sparkly, It adds that little something extra to the outfit.

Outfit Details: Hat: Jeanne Simmons/Dress: Naked Zebra/Tights: American Apparel/Shoes: Aldo Necklace: Shesso

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