This time of year can be frustrating when deciding on outfits. It can be warm and feel like spring one day and then the next day it feels more like winter again. The weather is like this in Calgary anyways. Starting to build up a spring wardrobe and then not being able to wear certain things can be really annoying.  I shouldn’t complain too much though it’s been warm enough most days to get away with just wearing a sweater and after wearing a coat all winter that is really nice! This is a casual outfit I picked out for weather that is decently warm but not quite spring like. I also wanted to take advantage of the days I can still wear my wool hat because soon it will be too warm to wear it. The same thing goes for this plaid skirt it’s pretty heavy and probably won’t get much wear when the weather is a lot warmer. So that is my answer to the problem of in-between weather, Wear all the clothes you love but won’t be able to wear when it gets really warm out.

Outfit Details: Hat: DC/Sweater: Forever 21/Shirt: Camp Brand/Skirt: American Apparel/Boots: Steve Madden

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