I Feel Fine





This is my last set of photos taken in Toronto. We found some really cool spots while we were there and this was one of them. These were taken at the Riverdale farm. It’s a real farm in the middle of the city. It was pretty cool to see something like that.

While In Toronto I did a little shopping, mostly at the Goorin Bros store. It’s my all time favourite place to buy hats. I realized this after owning one for a few months. Because we don’t have this store in Calgary I had to stock up. This black hat was one of those purchases. I have a feeling it will soon be added to my list of favourite hats.

This is the last set of photos taken in Toronto by the lovely Amy Victoria. She doesn’t usually do this type of photography so it was awesome of her to help me out!

Outfit Details: Hat: Goorin Bros/Shirt: H&M/Jeans: Just USA/Shoes: Shelly’s London/Necklace: CoutuKitsch

Photo Credit: Amy Victoria Wakefield


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