Alley Cat

photo 3-155


photo 2-223

A neighbourhood cat stopped by to say hello and wanted to be in the picture 🙂


Spring time in Calgary means ever changing weather. The weather can go from being warm and sunny one day to cold and snowing the next. It actually snowed the first weekend in May. That being said, it is always good to be prepared for the weather. The perfect thing for those colder spring days is a trench coat. I’ve been searching for the perfect one for at least a month. When you have an idea of something in your head it’s hard to let your self settle for anything less than that. I wanted a coat that was a little different from what I had been seeing in most stores. I wanted a trench coat that flared out at the waste instead of just hanging straight down because I think that is much cuter. After all my searching I finally found my perfect coat on the Website . I am in Love and i’ve been putting it to good use lately with all this dreary weather we’ve been getting.

For the rest of the outfit I am wearing a cute little dress I found at H&M recently it was a really good price and I love the fit of it. I paired it with my adorable new Burdees necklace that I am so in love with right now! It goes with everything but looks especially cute with this new dress.

Outfit Details: Hat: Goorin bros / Trench coat: Nick & Mo ( / Dress: H&M / Necklace: Burdees /Boots: Hibou (littleburgundy) 


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