Smooth Sailing

the fox and fern


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This is my new favourite dress. It was basically love at first sight, I know that sounds a little silly but it’s true. I knew it would fit me perfectly when I first saw it and it did! I love short sleeved dresses and I love Anchors so it was pretty much made for me! I knew exactly what I would wear with it from the moment I saw it and this was probably one of the easiest outfits to plan. That is really something you should look for when you are shopping for new clothes. Do I have shoes that will go with it? Do I have a bag and possibly a hat that I can wear to make an outfit? You want to ask yourself those questions. The last thing you want to do is buy something and then realize that nothing you own works with it thus forcing you to go out and buy more items. If you’re not on a budget this might not be an issue but if you are it’s defiantly something you should be thinking about as well as the versatility of the item you choose.

Outfit Details: Hat: Forever 21 / Dress: Everly / Shoes: Shelly’s London

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