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It’s not a secret that I have a mild hat obsession. I’m always searching for new and awesome hats in a colour and style that I don’t already own. Before I found this beauty, I was on the hunt for a wide brimmed hat in a nice brown colour. It’s obviously harder to find something when what you are looking for is very specific so I was having a difficult time. I’ve been a fan of Goorin Bros hats for quite sometime now, they always seem to have exactly what i’m looking for and the Goodman hat is no exception. It’s easily my new favourite. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new hat to check out Goorin Bros. You won’t be disappointed!


Outfit Details: Hat: Goorin Bros / Cardigan: Volcom / Dress: American Apparel / Necklace: Shesso / Boots: Forever 21


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