Boho Crop Jacket

It’s always exciting when you find an item of clothing that serves as a statement piece. Something that is unique, stands out and really makes an outfit. This Cropped Jacket from Broke Girl Style is exactly that. I tend to buy a lot of basic items in neutral colours so that I can mix and match my wardrobe easily. Needless to say, I still want clothing items that have colours and patterns and that stand out. It’s good to have a proper mixture of basic items and statement pieces in your wardrobe. I also love how a great accessory can make or break an outfit. This new Coutukitsch necklace was the perfect addition to this outfit and my collection!

Outfit Details: Dress: Brandy Melville / Jacket: C/O Broke Girl Style / Boots: Steve Madden / Necklace: C/O Coutukitsch  / Tights: H&M


  1. Hello! So I’ve been following your blog for a while and we seem to have a similar body shape. I was just wondering what size that cropped jacket you’re wearing was? I was planning on buying it myself, but I don’t want to get it in the wrong size hehe.

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