Parka Love


The weather here in Alberta hasn’t been that extreme lately, especially not when compared to other parts of North America. We have our warmer days and our colder days. It’s definitely not as much fun picking out an outfit when it’s -20 outside but it has to be done, so it’s good to be prepared for it. This year I decided to get myself a parka. I’ve been wearing nothing but my wool pea-coats for a few years now and I decided it was time to get myself something a little more casual. There are lots of different options out there when it comes to parkas but I opted for something simple and in green, one of my favourite earth tones. While shopping for a new coat I had the most luck at Aritzia, they have a huge selection of really nice coats at the moment.

Outfit Details: Hat: Little Burgundy / Top: Urban Outfitters / Coat: Aritzia / Jeans: Just USA / Boots: Sorel 


  1. I wish it was cold enough here for true, cold weather clothes! My husband and I are going to Colorado in December and we’re quickly realizing that not having real winter clothes is a pretty expensive problem to fix, lol! Florida just doesn’t get cool enough. You look like you’re in a winter wonderland – so beautiful! And I love the parka, too. You don’t look chilled at all!

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