It’s cold outside

It’s not easy to dress up when it’s cold outside. The option to layer up in pants and boots is sometimes more appealing than a cute dress and a pair of tights. I don’t always give in to this urge though. Sometimes you just have to wear the cute dress and brave the cold. This dress is a recent addition to my collection from an adorable boutique called Onze. It’s such a lovely fit and a pretty colour. I also recently purchased a new pair of boots that I think are very adorable.

Outfit Details: Hat: Billabong / Dress: C/O BoutiqueOnze (Tatiana & Natouchi) Boots: Little Burgundy 


  1. I usually go the cute dress route and just make sure I get inside quickly! I would absolutely wear an outfit like this. I’m a big fan of pairing green and blue. This jacket is so cute and I really like your white patterned tights. This is an adorable look that’s perfect for the holidays!

  2. Loveeeee this coat and dress and the colors! You’re so cute! 🙂 Can I live where you live and wake up every morning to a beautiful view? Ok thank you see you tomorrow! haha

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