Dancing on my own



I’m not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for a chinook to take pictures of this outfit. We’ve been having unseasonably warm weather here in Calgary. I had to take advantage of it and wear this beautiful shawl by Lush. I love when you put on a piece of clothing and it has the ability to change the way you feel. I know actors can have an easier time getting into character when they are in costume, so I don’t see why everyday clothing can’t have the same effect. I feel like a Gypsy princess in this outfit. Mostly because of the silky material and the tassels on the end. Maybe this sounds a little silly but I don’t see why clothing can’t be fun to wear!

Outfit Details: Shawl: Lush / Dress: Naked Zebra / Boots: Forever 21 / Necklace: Cinder and Sage ( Check out Hike365.org for an upcoming contest) 


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