When I come around



There are a number of different styles that I love. I don’t feel like I need to pick one and stick to it. I’d rather just wear whatever I like whenever I like. This Denim vest/hoodie combo is not something I would normally wear but I saw it and I liked it. It was actually pretty easy to find other items in my wardrobe to style it with. I decided this Obey Baseball tee fit perfectly underneath the Vest. I wanted something that was on the tighter side because the vest is cropped. I usually wear form fitting items under anything that is cropped because it gives a nice silhouette.

Because the outfit lacks any type of colour, I really wanted to add some footwear that did. These Shelly’s London boots make the perfect addition to this outfit. They fit the style wonderfully and really stand out and I love that.

This outfit reminds me of something I would have worn to a punk rock show years ago. With a slight variation of course haha, my hair used to be really out there. I really don’t get out to many shows these days like I used to. It gives me a touch of nostalgia for when I did and I kind of like that.

Outfit Details: Hat: Hibou (little burgundy) / Top: Obey / Vest: Be Cool / Jeans: AE / Boots: Shelly’s London


  1. I don’t really like to stick to just one thing either but this style is kind of my default when I’m at home or just running errands. I’ve found that it’s also my boyfriend’s favorite look on me as well. He’d rather see me in jeans, boots, hoodie, and jacket than a fancy dress any day. Fall is my favorite time of year because this look is perfect for it! You look really cute and I LOVE Obey.

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