Primary Colours

I have a tendency to buy a lot of clothing in earth tones. I will admit that I own a lot of brown boots. Sometimes I do step away from that colour palette if I find something that really catches my attention. This scarf is a prime example of it. It’s not colours that I would typically be drawn to but there is just something about it that I love! It adds so much interest to an outfit that would otherwise be colourless and I think that’s awesome!

I don’t usually buy the same item in two different colours. Not with footwear anyways, but these grey boots from Little Burgundy are just too comfortable and cute ( I also own them in a light brown colour). Sometimes when you really like something and it fits like a glove you just have to buy multiples.

Outfit Details: Hat: Hibou (Little Burgundy) / Scarf: / Boots: Hibou (Little Burgundy) / Jacket: H&M 


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