Denim love



I didn’t realize how much I would wear this denim shirt until I owned it. Now that it’s part of my wardrobe, I want to wear it all the time. I love that it’s a little heavier than other denim shirts that i’ve previously owned. It’s somewhere between a regular button down shirt and a denim jacket. If you don’t own one you should really try to find one. It can fit easily into almost any wardrobe. Because it’s such a light colour, I like pairing it with dark denim or black denim like in this outfit.

I added my favourite Brixton hat to this look. At first I thought it made the outfit a little too western for my taste but now I think it’s just the right amount, especially with the ripped denim. This is currently one of my favourite looks for spring.

Outfit Details: Hat: Brixton / Top: Levi’s / Necklace: C/O Coutukitsch / Boots: Dolce Vita


  1. Definitely the right amount of western 🙂 My wardrobe curently lacks a denim shirt *shock, horror*. I’ll need to do something about this…

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