Tabriz Scarf






It’s all about the details. Sometimes just adding one accessory can make the difference between a great look and an ok look. I just want to take a moment to talk about accessories and show off some of my new favourites.

It’s important to really think about colours and the way they contrast when picking accessories. This silver necklace by Foxy Originals really stands out against the grey of this dress, in a way that bronze or gold jewelry wouldn’t. In the same respect, the lighter colour of this scarf stands out really well against the dark colours in the rest of the outfit. If you have a variety of different coloured accessories, it makes it easy to find the best possible option when putting an outfit together. When I go shopping for anything, I always try to think of what I have in my wardrobe currently that can be worn with a new item.

I don’t wear scarves very often but this silk scarf by Lovestitch is easily one of my new favourite accessories. It’s just gorgeous! I think adding a silk scarf to your wardrobe is never a bad idea. Scarves add so much detail to a look in a way that jewelry just can’t replicate.

I think it’s probably pretty obvious at this point but my all time favourite accessory is a nice wide brim hat. This hat by brixton is one of my favourites because it’s very versatile. I hear a lot of people say that hats don’t look good on them. Maybe they are correct but I think maybe they just haven’t found the right hat. There are so many different styles of hats out there. I think it’s possible for everyone to find one that really suits them.

Outfit Details: Hat: Brixton / Jacket: H&M / Dress: Forever 21 / Scarf: C/O Lovestitch / Necklace: C/O Foxy Originals Boots: Steve Madden


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