Beach Beauty Bar

I  recently had the pleasure of stopping by the Beach Beauty Bar for a mani and pedi. It’s located at 1909 17th ave SW in Calgary AB, so it’s nice and central and easy to get to.

I was instantly in love with this adorable place. The decor is beautifully rustic, with a beachy vibe to it (the sandbox and sun chairs help with that). It really doesn’t feel like you are in a nail salon. It feels more like you’re at a friends house who just happens to have impeccable taste and I love that! While you are there they also serve an assortment of healthy snacks and bevies. I had the organic iced tea and it was delicious!

The Beach Beauty Bar doesn’t just have great decor, they also use amazing products that are toxic free, cruelty free and organic. They use a gel polish called Bio Seaweed Gel that is a much healthier choice then regular Gel polish. For regular polish they use Trust Fund, A great brand that sources their polish from Canada and the US. They also use products by a local company OH DEER that are plant based and organic!

I haven’t always taken the best care of my nails. I know this sounds strange being that i’m a fashion blogger but that is the truth. After going to a place like Beach Beauty Bar, I have no excuse not to. It’s such an awesome place with lovely staff and great products. They also have weekly deals from Monday to Friday that include a students night as well as an industry night. Check out their Instagram BeachBeautyYYC for more information!

If you live in Calgary or are ever in the area I highly recommend checking them out. You won’t regret it! for more info or to book an appointment go to


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