Warm Ways

It’s nice to get out of the city some times, even if it’s just for a few hours. I feel really lucky to live where I do. Calgary is so close to the mountains that it’s easy to head down for the day and have an adventure. This is a little spot in Kananaskis that I like to go and take photos and hang out for a bit when I have the time.

This look is great for a warm summer day. The floral shawl by Gentle Fawn is one of my favourite new pieces. I love the pattern and how light and flowy it is. I paired it with a simple black dress by Everly and my wide brim hat by Goorin Bros. I’m not much of a sunbather, so I like wide brimmed hats that keep the sun off my face.

I recently received this cute phone case from One little Forest and I think it looks right at home out there in the mountains!

Outfit Details:  Hat: Goorin Bros / Shawl: C/O Gentle Fawn / Dress: Everly / Boots: Forever 21 / Necklace: Shesso 

Phone Case: C/O One little Forest


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