Irresistible Me Hair Extensions



I’m going to start by giving you a little back story on my hair. I’ve been wearing clip in hair extensions for quite some time now. When you find something that gives you the look that you’ve always wanted, it’s hard not to stick with it. I don’t have overly thick hair so when I try to grow it out, it never looks the way I want it to. I actually remember when I was younger, thinking that everyone who had long, thick, gorgeous hair, was just born with it and I was a little jealous. When I got a little older and discovered all the different ways to accomplish fuller looking hair with more volume, I was incredibly happy and a little obsessed.

I’ve just recently tried out Irresistible Me hair extensions and so far i’m really happy with them! They are soft and silky and blend in with my natural hair quite well! The extensions that I have are from the Royal Remy collection in 20″. They are made from 100% Human hair. That is a very important detail when picking out hair extensions because natural human hair can be washed and heat styled where as artificial hair can’t.

I choose the 200g option for the extensions and that comes with a large 7.5″ piece with 4 clips. This piece goes in the back to add most of the extra fullness and length. I’ve always bought single row extensions in the past, so having this larger piece is a nice change and saves a lot of time when I’m putting my extensions in. It also comes with 2 pieces of 3 clips that are (6″),  5 pieces that are 2 clips (4″) and 2 pieces that are 1 clip (1.2″)  I wear these closer to my face. I personally don’t use all of these pieces at once. because I don’t have really thick hair, it would look a little unnatural to have so much extra hair. You definitely need to try them out and see for your self how many pieces you need to add to get the most natural look possible.  I also recommend taking your extensions to a hair stylist and getting them texturized to match your natural hair. I have layers in my hair so the extensions needed some as well to blend into my hair properly.

Details : C/O Irresistible Me Hair Extensions 




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