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It’s a fact that we all have to wear clothing. Unless you live in a nudist colony, getting dressed before you leave the house is not an option but a necessity. I personally really enjoy putting together outfits. It’s not a chore for me to pick out the clothing that i’m going to wear for the day. When I find a particularly great outfit it’s even better. If you can look in the mirror and tell yourself that you look awesome today, that’s the most important thing. Buy clothing that makes you feel great about yourself. Don’t just follow trends, really look for styles that you can get excited about wearing.

When you wear something that you know you look good in, it will give you a confidence boost and can help you put your best foot forward. I think clothing is a great form of self expression. I don’t want to blend in with everyone else out there, I want to stand out. This can be hard to do if you don’t have the confidence to let your self be noticed by others. You have to get to a point where your own opinion of how you look is more important to you than anyone else’s. If your not sure that you look good in something, you probably shouldn’t wear it. That’s when you will be more susceptible to other peoples opinions. Find your own personal style and own it.

I love fashion blogging for the creative outlet that it is. I love fashion and I don’t think that you have to have a lot of money to have great style. I love sharing my personal style with others  and I also love seeing other fashion bloggers personal style. I love the creativity that goes a long with picking out an outfit and finding a perfect location to take photos at. I think fashion is an art form and it deserves to be shared as much as any other.


This outfit is a combination of a few of my favourite things. This hat by Free People is one of my all time favourites. I love floppy hats and the way they add a 70’s feel to any outfit. This dress is a new favourite of mine. I love the pattern as well as the shape of it. To finish off the look I wore my suede Steve Madden booties. They honestly make me feel like a million bucks every time I wear them.

Outfit Details: Hat: Free People / Dress: Audrey 3 + 1 / Boots: Steve Madden / Tights: Target / Ring C/O Mejuri


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