Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Here in Alberta the winters can be cold and the weather can make people kind of miserable. The obvious way to brave the cold and still get outside and enjoy yourself, is to wear warm and weather appropriate clothing.

This jacket by Milwaukee is something special. I don’t know if you’ve ever worn a heated jacket before (i’m guessing most of you haven’t) but it’s pretty luxurious! This particular jacket by Milwaukee comes with an M12 RedLithium 2.0 compact battery and charger. The battery also has a USB port that can be used to charge electronics such as an iPhone! Real talk, that can be a life saver if your phone is dying. The battery lasts up to 8hrs so it’s good for a full day of outdoor adventuring.

The Jacket is Soft shell, has high-loft insulation, brushed lining and is also wind and water resistant.  Basically this jacket will keep you nice and warm and it’s not huge or bulky. You can use it to layer underneath another jacket or on it’s own. One of my favourite features of this jacket is the hand warmers in the pockets. My hands are always the first thing to get really cold and they tend to stay cold which is very uncomfortable for me. Having pocket hand warmers is pretty awesome!

(If you live in Canada you can head over to a Bolt Supply House to pick up this coat, you won’t regret it!)

The rest of this look consists of some of my classic winter attire. My favourite new wooly hat and my Hunter boots. These boots are awesome when there is a lot of snow. They keep your feet nice and dry. The only problem is that they aren’t very warm. I’ll eventually buy the wool inserts Hunter sells for them to winterize them and keep my feet nice and warm!


Outfit Details: Jacket: C/O Milwaukee (Bolt Supply House) / Boots: Hunter Boots / Hat: Urban Outfitters 




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