Festival Inspired Hair Style with Lionesse



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I’ve recently teamed up with Lionesse Beauty Bar to bring you a Festival inspired hair style! To create this look I used 22″ Clip in Extensions , Hair Serum and a 1″ Curling Iron from Lionesse. Right now you can use the discount code “thefoxandfern” for 20% any product at Lionesse.com!

It’s pretty simple and easy to get this look. In just a few steps you will have festival ready hair!

Step 1: Apply a small amount of the hair serum to the ends of dry hair. This helps to protect them from the heat of the curling iron. Because my hair is not very thick and I love volume, I try not to add to much because it can end up weighing down my hair. If you don’t have this problem, feel free to use as much as you need!

Step 2: Before you curl your hair make sure you spray it with hairspray, especially if your hair is clean. This will help to hold the curl in your hair longer.

Step 3: To create loose waves instead of tight curls I like to separate my hair into sections about 3″ wide. The smaller the sections are that you curl the tighter the curls will be. You may need to do smaller sections if you have thicker hair. I like to curl my extensions and the rest of my hair separately but if you find it easier to do it while they are in, that works too! When you are finished use Hair spray again to seal the curls

Step 4: Leave the curls the way they are for at least 10 minutes, you can leave them for longer if you would like. After that use a large hair brush and brush them out. Continue to do this until you go from tight curls to loose waves. Depending on your hair type you might not even need to use a brush. If you have really thick dry hair you might be able to get away with using just your fingers to loosen the curl.

Step 5: I like to backcomb my hair at the roots to give it a little more volume. If you have a lot of volume to begin with, or like a sleeker look you can skip this part.

Step 6: Add a flower crown. Nothing is more perfect for a festival than a flowers!



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  1. The hair looks very healthy. I always loved flower head bands. I think it’s perfect for the spring and summer time. I love the creativity people put in it.

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