Bending Feather






For this look I want to concentrate mainly on the accessories. I love to layer bangles and bracelets and i’ve finally added a few substantial pieces to my collection! I love the way the different colours of the bracelets compliment each other. As for the necklace, I love how big and bold it is. It really stands out, especially when worn with a darker coloured shirt.

The necklace and bracelets are from a company called Color by Amber. If you’ve never heard of them I suggest you do yourself a favour and check them out! The pieces are made from 40% recycled material in an eco friendly facility. If that isn’t awesome enough, they also give 10% of each sale from the Full Circle line back to help Artisans build up their communities, as well as create businesses for themselves and their families. It’s nice to find a company that is making a difference in the world. This way you can look good and feel good about what you are wearing!

Outfit Details: Top: RDI / Jeans: Just Black  / Boots: C/O Clarks USA / Necklace: C/O Colorbyamber  Bracelets: C/O Colorbyamber

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