Shearling Coat







Winter in Alberta can be really Gorgeous. After a fresh snowfall everything looks so sparkly and bright, it’s truly beautiful!

Winter also requires that I make a few adjustments to my wardrobe here and there. Things such as tights under a dress or a skirt become a bit of a necessity. It also goes without saying that you need a warm winter coat. This Shearling coat is something that I purchased last year, and I wasn’t really sure how much use I was going to get out of it. Recently I’ve been finding a lot of different outfits that it compliments really well. Pairing it with this corduroy skirt and band tee, is currently one of my favourite combinations! It’s always a pleasant surprise to find something that fits in so well with the rest of your wardrobe!

Outfit Details: Coat: Ecote / Top: Lyric Culture / Skirt: BDG / Boots: Steve Madden / Necklace: Shesso


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