I’m the type of person who finds an article of clothing that they like, and then proceeds to buy it in multiple colours. This cardigan is a prime example of that. I always talk about my cardigan obsession, but I’m surprisingly picky when it comes to them. Needless to say, this oversized cardigan from Urban Outfitters is one of my favourites. I have it in a few colours already.

It’s been warm enough lately, that I can get away with just wearing a cardigan. Not needing to wear a jacket is the best feeling! I also realize that a wool beanie is not very spring like. I’m still going to wear it until it gets really ridiculous though, because that’s how I roll haha!

Outfit Details: Cardigan: BDG / Tee: Junk Food / Jeans: Just Black / Boots: C/O Hibou / Watch: C/O Medium Watches


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