Learning To Fly

One of my favourite things about living in Alberta, is all of the different types of landscapes it has to offer. From the Rocky Mountains, to the Hoodoos of Drumheller, there is such a wide variety. For these photos, I decided to head out to a more rural area for a change. I’m obsessed with the colour yellow, so a canola field was the perfect spot to take photos!

I recently added this wide brim brixton hat to my rather large hat collection. It’s a little bigger than what I usually wear, but I love it! For the rest of the look, I chose a body suit, a pair of jean shorts, and a poncho. We’ve been experiencing a bit of a heatwave in Calgary lately, so the poncho is a little too warm to wear during the day. On the other hand it’s perfect for the cooler summer nights.

Outfit Details: Poncho: Lovestitch / Bodysuit: RD / Shorts: Machine Jeans / Hat: Brixton



  1. I love Washington for the same reasons! We have everything from ocean, to rain forest, to mountains, to deserts and more! It makes for beautiful hiking, and its awesome for weekend vacations. You drive like an hour, and you feel like you’ve gone to a different state sometimes.

    This field is absolutely beautiful, and perfect for that outfit!


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