White Mustang

As the end of summer creeps closer, there is added pressure to make the most of it. In terms of fashion, that means wearing all of your favourite summer pieces that will be rendered un wearable come October. This outfit for example, is something that I would wear in the summer months only. The shorts are pretty obviously not winter appropriate, but the poncho also falls into that category. Because of the lack of arm holes, it’s too difficult to wear a jacket or coat over top. Thus making it not very practical in cold weather.

There are pieces of this outfit that can actually be worn all year round, and those are the accessories. I wear hats and ankle boots no matter what the weather. Speaking of accessories, my favourite of all is this new bag by Genesis Fair Trade. I’m a sucker for cool patterns and great designs, and this bag has both! They are also an all around awesome company, so I recommend checking them out!

Outfit Details: Bag: Genesis Fair Trade / Poncho: Forever 21 / Shorts: Billabong / Boots: Steve Madden / Necklace: Shesso 

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