Skin Care Party with Lush

I have really sensitive skin, so I take skin care extremely seriously. Aside from the basic’s like drinking lots of water, eating vegetables and wearing sun screen, I’ve got a few favourite products from Lush that help keep my skin happy and healthy!

Ocean Salt: Is a refreshing and hydrating scrub. I love to use it once a week to keep my skin feeling fresh and clean!

Skin’s Shangri LaIs a rich and luxurious moisturizer. It’s extremely hydrating so it makes a great night cream. I love how soft my skin feels in the morning!

CelestialThis moisturizer is hydrating and light at the same time. It’s great for my sensitive skin, and I especially like to wear it under makeup!

The Olive Branch: This shower gel smells amazing, and is incredibly moisturizing. It makes showers even more enjoyable!

*All items C/O Lush



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