Sit Next to Me

We’ve been having some great weather in Calgary lately, so much so that it feels like we’ve skipped spring altogether and gone straight for summer! It’s been nice, and i’ve been taking advantage of the awesome weather by getting out as much as possible. It’s also got me thinking about items that I want to add to my summer wardrobe. I’m a huge fan of kimono’s and dresses, so those are items that i’m always on the lookout for. One category that I feel i’m currently lacking in, is tops. That’s why I recently added this top by Lush to my wardrobe. I’m a sucker for cute prints, so it was an easy choice! It’s also nice to have something a little dressier than my usual staples consisting of band tee’s and body suits.

Outfit Details: Top: Lush / Shorts: Levis / Sandals: C/O Clarks / Hat: Free People / Necklace: C/O Shesso

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