Ice Castle

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Ice Castle in Edmonton. It’s really beautiful, and if you have the chance I highly recommend checking it out! This year I managed to see it before the temperature dropped to an unbearable level. That was extremely lucky, because when it’s below 25 degrees, it’s really difficult to look anything but freezing cold in photos! I chose one of my favourite cold weather outfits for this adventure. I managed to stay reasonably warm, with the exception of my hands. Afterwards, my sister and I stopped by Duchess bakery to warm up with a chai latte and some macaroons. It’s always fun to visit Edmonton, I grew up there, and it’s nice to see my sister and old friends whenever i’m in town!

Outfit Details: Coat: Wilfred / Boots: Sorel / Hat: Volcom / Jeans: Levis 


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