Zip It Up!

The first thing my boyfriend said when he saw me wearing this skirt was, are you trying to look like Pebbles or Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones? I had to agree, it bares a striking resemblance to their stone-age attire. I mean it wasn’t the first thing I thought of when I put it on, but hey sometimes cartoon characters can be the best fashion inspo! Either way, i’m obsessed with this skirt, and honestly every part of this outfit. I found this Harley shirt in a vintage shop in Japan, and it’s one of my current favourites! I wear t-shirts with everything so it’s proved to be very versatile for me. To accessorize this look I added this amazing necklace by Moon Raven Designs. They have such an awesome variety of unique jewelry, it’s hard to choose a favourite but this necklace is easily one of them!

Outfit Details: Tee: Vintage / Skirt: Free People / Boots: C/O Thursday Boots / Hat: Lack Of Color / Necklace: C/O Moon Raven Designs


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