The Dark Side Of The Moon

Although the weather is all over the place in Calgary, we’ve had a few days that were relatively warm. I’ve been taking full advantage of this by wearing skirts as much as possible! This Denim skirt in particular is one of my favourites, and I love pairing it with a band tee and leather jacket. One of my favourite things to do when picking an outfit, is to mix old favourites with new additions to my wardrobe. This look is the perfect example of that. This hat, and these suede bootie are new, and they add a little extra something to a look that i’ve been rocking for a while now. Doing this helps make older items feel new again, and it’s  a really great trick if you’re trying not to spend money on new clothes, but want an updated look!

Outfit Details: Hat: Lack of Color / Boots: C/O Thursday / Skirt: Free People / Jacket: Lamarque


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