The Great Indoors

I have to admit that all this self isolation and social distancing, has me going a little stir crazy. Some days are better than others, but I did manage to do a little indoor photo shoot last weekend! I find that motivation comes and goes, and when it’s there I try to make the most of it. I chose a few different outfits to showcase here. Most of them are ultra relaxed, as i’ve been staying as comfortable as possible most days. On the other hand, I find that get dressed up every now and then, really helps improve my mood. When the weathers nice, I try and get outside and go for a run, and that’s usually what keeps me sane these days. I also love to read, and i’ve been able to do a lot of that lately! I’m currently reading A feast for crows from: A Song of Ice and Fire, by GRR Martin. I’ve been a huge Game of Thrones fan for years now, and it’s been the perfect time for me to really get into the books! What are you guys doing to pass the time these days?

Outfit Details: Kimono: Urban Outfitters / Sandals: C/O Bueno / Floral Top: Volcom / Henley Top: Out From Under

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