Ride Into The Sunset

Now that it’s officially fall, it only seems natural to start wearing darker shades of lipstick and beanies. That’s what I’m doing anyways. Unlike my beloved ankle boots, thick wool beanies shouldn’t be worn all year round. Unless you are ok with sweating profusely, which I am not, it’s not a very good idea. This […]

Lady Gauza

Right now I’m taking advantage of all the days that I have left to wear a dress without tights underneath. Those days are numbered so I’m doing my best. This adorable dress by Volcom is one of my current favourites. I love that it has long sleeves and the fit is perfect for my body […]

Rested Heart

There are two items that I basically live in come September and they are, Jeans and Cardigans. I’ve got a large collection of both items and i’ve recently made a few additions. This cardigan by Volcom is one of my new favourites! It’s long, cozy and perfect for the cool temperatures we are experiencing here […]