Seasons Change

It snowed recently in Calgary. Much too early, the leaves on most trees haven’t even changed colour yet. Yesterday was reasonably warm but not quite warm enough to melt all of the snow. You can see a little bit of it in my photos. Although it did feel like winter here for a few days, we should be getting back to more seasonable temperatures.

I’m a big fan of sweaters and boots so you’ll be seeing a lot of those in the up coming months.  This is one of my newest cardigans, it’s very soft and cozy so it’s perfect for autumn weather. I love that It’s cool enough out to wear sweaters but not too cold that you have to wear a jacket all the time. That’s a pretty ideal temperature if you ask me!

I got a chance to see Karly from ShesSo while she was in Calgary for Market Collective last weekend. This is one of the gorgeous necklaces I picked up from her and i’m currently obsessed with it!

Outfit Details: Hat: Billabong / Cardigan: Volcom / Dress: American Apparel / Boots: Steve Madden / Necklace: ShesSo



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