Blue Skies

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thefoxandfern.comThere is something so nice about just being outside in the sunshine. I feel like sometimes you only really appreciate it after its been cloudy and rainy for a while. I suppose that’s like anything I guess. It’s finally warm enough to wear shorts and I couldn’t be more excited! In Alberta the weather is always changing so when it’s really nice out you need to take advantage of it and get outside!

In this outfit I wore one of my new Kimono’s from Forever 21. I’m really into that style this spring. It’s something different from the usual cardigan or jacket I would wear and it’s refreshing! I paired it with my Rust Coloured Free People hat. For a while I was worried that the colour was too bold and that I would have a hard time finding things to wear with it. I think it goes very well with this outfit.

Outfit Details: Hat: Free People / Kimono: Forever 21 / Top: Roxy / Shorts: Roxy / Boots: Aldo



  1. Love this outfit πŸ™‚

    I hear you about the ever-changing weather…I live in England – sometimes we get four seasons in one day!

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