Shades of Cool

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June in Calgary means lots of differmt types of weather. It can be warm and sunny one day and then cold and rainy the next. This Outfit is for one of those colder days. I love how a summer dress can work for colder weather just by adding a jacket and a pair of tights. I love dresses and I like that I can wear them all year round by wearing a pair of tights underneath.

This outfit consists of one of my favourite Goorin Bros hats, it’s really become a staple in my wardrobe it just goes with everything. My new forever 21 dress that I love. It’s really nice and light for the summer and has an really cool pattern. To finish it off I added my faux leather jacket from H&M and my little black boots from Forever 21

Outfit Details: Hat: Goorin Bros / Dress: Forever 21 / Boots: Forever 21 / Jacket: H&M 

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