By the Sea

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These photos were taken in a little town in the Netherlands called Hoorn. It was really nice to hang out by the water and watch the sailboats go by.  It’s always fun to check out little towns when you are traveling rather than only staying in the Bigger cities. For the most of the trip it was very warm and humid but on this day we got a break and it was a little cooler. I was happy because I wanted to wear this navy dress and it would have been too warm otherwise.

For this outfit I wore my straw hat that has really become a summer staple for me. It just goes really well with most of my summer dresses, I love it. This dress is from I loved the floral embroidery on the front because like i’ve said before I love floral patterns. I also like that it has long sleeves which is harder to come by in the summer for obvious reasons.

Outfit Details: Dress: OASAP / Hat: Forever 21 / Sandals: BC Footwear 

Photo Credit: Amy Victoria Wakefield


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