Baldwin Jacket

There a two items that i’ve been obsessing over lately and I have finally acquired. One was the perfect military style jacket. I already own a few versions of this type of jacket but I wasn’t overly happy with them. I wanted something that had a structured look and wasn’t too oversized. It’s really easy to find the extra large versions of this coat. The Baldwin Jacket by TNA was exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my purchase.

The second thing I’ve always wanted was a pair of Dr Martens. I really wanted a pair of original 1460’s but I have a rather large shoe size and I figured they might look a little like clown shoes on me. I decided to instead go with a pair of the Stratfords. They have a similar look to the originals but are much more stream lined and less bulky. I am very happy with them!

Outfit Details: Hat: Urban Outfitters / Jacket: TNA ( Aritzia ) / Dress: Brandy Melville / Boots: Dr Martens 

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