This shawl is my attempt to add a little more colour into my wardrobe. It’s finally spring after all and it could use a little freshening up! I kept the rest of the outfit pretty dark but that’s the way I like it! I find that if I get too crazy with colours I don’t […]

The Forest

This is an extremely casual look for me. It’s something that I would wear on a day when I don’t really feel like getting dressed up. It’s also the perfect outfit for exploring, or any activity where you might get a little dirty. I’ve been really happy with the selection of vintage and distressed styled […]

Baldwin Jacket

There a two items that i’ve been obsessing over lately and I have finally acquired. One was the perfect military style jacket. I already own a few versions of this type of jacket but I wasn’t overly happy with them. I wanted something that had a structured look and wasn’t too oversized. It’s really easy […]