Best Look Lately






It’s the middle of summer and I’ve really been enjoying the warm weather and everything that comes along with it.  At the same time I can’t deny that I get a little excited when it’s cool enough out to wear pants. Not to mention, I have this awesome new Volcom flannel that I had been wanting to wear but needed an appropriate temperature.

For this outfit I wanted to wear something a little edgier than my usual look and these Shelly’s London boots definitely add that little extra something to an outfit. I love the way they look paired with the darker purple and burgundy of the flannel. Because it is still summer, I wore an open back tank top to keep things cool. I also just really like tops that have some kind of open back or little details that make them more than just a regular tank top.

Outfit Details: Top: OBEY / Flannel: Volcom / Hat: Brixton / Jeans: Just USA / Boots: Shelly’s London / Necklace: C/O KatznDahl 


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