Fire and the Flood





When it comes to choosing an outfit in the winter, most of the time practicality is the main concern. You have to wear weather appropriate styles unless you want to be cold and uncomfortable. For this look I’ve chosen some of my favourite winter pieces. This camel coloured wool coat is one of my all time favourites, I really love the colour and the style of it. Underneath I’ve got one of my favourite wool sweaters. It’s nice and warm and has a cat on it so it’s automatically pretty awesome. To complete the look I added a pair of grey skinny jeans, some of my favourite lace up boots and some wool socks.  For accessories I choose a circle scarf and the newest addition to my collection, this gorgeous watch by Christian Paul!

Outfit Details: Coat: Pink Martini / Sweater: Propaganda / Jeans: Just Black / Scarf: Look / Boots: Hibou (little burgundy) Watch: C/O Christian Paul 


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