Just Like a Dream

Don’t be fooled by the lack of snow in these photos, it’s not Spring in Calgary just yet. I am enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having here lately, even if it’s causing all the snow to melt prematurely. On the plus side, I didn’t even freeze while taking these photos haha, how great is […]


I feel like i’ve been talking about wardrobe staples a lot lately and I have one more item to add to that list. The army jacket. I realize that this isn’t something that will fit absolutely everyones style but that’s ok. For the people that it does, you need one. I feel like it’s something […]

Weekend Warrior

Sometimes one part of an outfit makes the biggest statement. In this case that would be this faux leather jacket from H&M. It just makes you feel edgy regardless of what you wear it with. Needless to say I really like it. It’s interesting to see how you feel in certain outfits compared to others. […]