Just Like a Dream






Don’t be fooled by the lack of snow in these photos, it’s not Spring in Calgary just yet. I am enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having here lately, even if it’s causing all the snow to melt prematurely. On the plus side, I didn’t even freeze while taking these photos haha, how great is that!

Lately i’ve been taking full advantage of all the awesome sales that go on this time of year. I’ve found some great deals like this dress from Arizita! Unfortunately they are all sold out of it now, so I can’t even link it for you. On the other hand I am able to share this adorable alpine necklace from Lace Brick Design with you. I love the mountains so naturally I was drawn to this piece. Check it out at lacebrickdesign.com and use the discount code “foxy” at the checkout for 10% off!

Outfit Details: Dress: Sunday Best / Necklace: C/O Lacebrickdesign / Boots: Hibou 

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