Your Heart Is A Weapon







I have to tell you, I had a bit of a struggle getting these photos. It was ridiculously windy outside on this particular day and my hair and the wind do not agree. As much as I love having bangs, they can be a pain when the weather is not perfect haha. Not to mention I was concerned about my hat blowing away! I like to shoot photos outside in natural light as i’m sure you’ve noticed, so i’m always at the mercy of mother nature. Either way I managed to find a spot where the wind was blocked and it happened to be in front of a very brightly graffited wall!

I feel like I haven’t been wearing skirts very much lately so I wanted to mix it up a little and wear one. We’ve been having pretty warm weather in Calgary these past few weeks and that’s the perfect condition for bare legs. It’s also nice enough out to wear sandals and this pair by Clarks are adorable and also very comfortable!

Outfit Details: Hat: Brixton / Top: Lush / Skirt: Forever 21 / Boots: C/O Clarks / Necklace: Brandy Melville 


  1. Super cute look! I can totally relate as I only do my photo shoots outdoors. Yay for the warmer weather. Now I need to get a pair of Clarks and a cute hat 🙂

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