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I’m very fortunate to have a boyfriend who takes photos for me. Not only is it really convenient, but it allows us to spend more time together. This weekend we headed up to Drumheller to shoot some photos and do a little exploring. When we aren’t taking photos Tyrell likes to search for fossils, shells and other cool things that you can find out there.

I love getting outfit shots in cool locations around Alberta and sometimes that requires a little leg work. We went pretty far into Horsetheif Canyon for these shots, so I came prepared with my Salomon hiking shoes. No they are not featured in this look, Wide legged jeans with a pair of hiking shoes wasn’t the look I was going for this time. If you were ever wondering if I wore an outfit like this on a hike in the badlands or the mountains, the answer is no. I wore appropriate footwear and changed when I got to the location.

This look is one of my absolute favourites at the moment. I’ve said it before, but I really do love these wide legged jeans! They are so awesome and I really love the details on the pocket. The rest of the outfit consists of a lace up shirt from Urban Outfitters and this wide brim hat by Goorin Bros. I usually see this style of shirt in black, so finding one in tan was a nice change!

Outfit Details: Top: Urban Outfitters / Hat: Goorin Bros / Jeans: Dynamite / Boots: Steve Madden





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