I’ve always thought about style as a way to show off your individual personality. It can be a way to show your interests, for example, the type of music or sports that you like. This also means that if your style is a little bit further away from what’s considered normal, it can leave you open to criticism. I think that this issue was more prevalent in my teen years, when standing out could be very uncomfortable. I notice that teens tend to follow trends a lot more than people In their twenties and up. I suppose the fact that they are surrounded by their peers day in and out at school, has a greater impact on the need to fit a certain mould. With that being said, now that I’m in my thirties, I find it easier to dress for myself above all else. I don’t think that my style is exceptionally risky, but I do live in a pretty conservative city, where wearing a wide brim hat is enough to elicit comments from strangers. I feel very encouraged by other fashion bloggers on Instagram, and other platforms, to continue on this fashion journey to discover the types of styles that I like, and feel confident in. It’s really nice to have an outlet for creativity, and it’s nice to see a wider range of people with different body types and looks, than you’ll find in the typical magazine spread.

Outfit Details: Top: Urban Outfitters / Skirt: Urban Outfitters / Boots: C/O Thursdays / Hat: Lack of Color / Jacket: Lamarque

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